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Receiving goods from the US (International shipments)


For you to receive goods when we ship international please fill out a BIS-711 form at the same time the cable is purchased. Also correctly check the number boxes describing whether the coax or connectors are part of your product or are being used to test your product. E-mail the form to us @ sales@tek-stock.com. Please include your UPS collect billing #, Fed Ex / DHL / TNT # at the time of your order. 


Cable Pricing Per Foot and Shipping Lengths

Semi-Rigid Cable is priced per foot in the quantity boxes but cut into and shipped in 5 Foot Straight Lengths. The Quantity (Qty) is per foot. Most users like to bend this cable starting with a straight piece. 5 foot "put-ups" are also relatively inexpensive to ship and this length allows a number of assemblies to be [...]

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Connector Intermateability Article

INTERMATEABILITY OF SMA, 3.5 MM AND 2.92 MM CONNECTORS SMA, 3.5 mm and 2.92 mm connectors make reliable RF components and instrumentation possible. These seemingly mundane devices are the result of evolutionary and revolutionary design covering a 40 year period and involving several corporations. In their present state they represent highly evolved well defined interface systems. It [...]

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